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"I love tai chi chuan, I love Chen Zhenglei!"Tai chi - at the annual m

Time:2017-12-23Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:148次
During the 2016 annual meeting of the third Chen Zhenglei tai chi, a foreign taijiquan lovers sigh said: taijiquan let me keep fit, more let me realize that China's broad and tolerance, this is a one thousand GuGuoCai meeting some inside information!
From the United States and the king of the city of st. Louis, Missouri, made the ð « “ creates a lady said: "I am a news practitioners, is also a tai chi enthusiasts. I have been writing in English for more than 500 article about tai chi, there are more than 40 countries around the world audience. I'm glad you can come to the third annual Chen Zhenglei tai chi, I have to learn tai chi chuan for a decade or two years. Chenjiagou is the birthplace of tai chi chuan, especially as a news practitioners, particularly excited to chenjiagou. Chen Zhenglei annual meetings this year has more than 2000 taijiquan fans from all over the world and domestic common to attend this event, I feel special


Chen Zhenglei taiji conference this year, attracted from Italy, the United States, Peru, South Korea, kazakhstan, dozens of taijiquan lovers traveled long distances to come to learn skills, they have a plenty of tai chi chuan beginners, have a plenty of "foreign students" learn boxing for many years;Have a plenty of first came to chenjiagou, some is to chenjiagou "regulars" for many times.In a word, to chenjiagou learn authentic is the source of Chen tai chi chuan is a wish of each of them.They and most to chenjiagou "foreign students" learn boxing, for tai chi chuan has a keen interest in them to this word, not only to practice, but also as a communicator, to China of tai chi chuan and tai chi culture spread to all over the world.



Now, with Chinese traditional culture, body-building and kind of tai chi chuan, has spread to more than 150 countries and regions in the world, tai chi practitioners of nearly 200 million people around the world.Taijiquan birthplace county chenjiagou also every year attracts a lot of overseas taijiquan lovers to learn skills to find the source, tai chi culture unique charm.



"I love tai chi chuan, I love Chen Zhenglei!"This is this year Chen Zhenglei tai chi convention in foreign taijiquan lovers heart together!