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"2106 annual meeting of Chen Zhenglei tai chi" advanced training courses into the fourth day, each class students enthusiasm for learning as no, as if their is no tired two words in dictionary.Teachers teach, students learn seriously, through several days of learning, the students of tai chi skills have greatly improved.


This year, "old frame 2" training manager Zhang Xiqun teachers and assistant coach ho-tuang huang teachers profound capability and rich experience in taijiquan teaching, both of them to cooperate with the tacit understanding, carefully guide to practice, from the details of every movement, tirelessly, make students quickly grasp the fist of the "old frame 2" characteristics.



Chen taijiquan old frame 2, "which is also called" cannons pound ", such as mining, spliting, elbow, by technique is given priority to, with -- stroke, squeeze, press is complementary, has the speed and white, sofe style of tai chi chuan."Old frame 2" is given priority to with just, just combine soft.Shake foot, flash show crag, jump jump, loose living bomb shaking, complete.A strange python out of the cave, and tiger the verve of the mountain;Have a dragon out to sea, lion shaking the great power of MAO, is one of the most distinctive routines in Chen tai chi chuan.


Coach Zhang Xiqun teacher said, "old frame 2" this year the oldest students in the class has been nearly 70 years old, with you every day to keep learning training together, learn particularly serious, is an example to everybody to learn.Assistant coach ho-tuang huang said the teacher, the students in the class, from all directions is the charm of taiji let us meet here, students are cherish this once a year to learn skills, hard-won opportunity, a very good learning atmosphere in the class, everyone having special foot!


This annual meeting senior training course "the new frame" Liu Jihong is the manager of class teachers, teacher assistant coach is Hayden, coaches are persuasive, teaching, and dozens of students study hard, atsushi from domestic academic.Four days of training, everyone grasp the gist of motions in place, boxing frame is handy.


Coach Liu Jihong teacher told the students in the classroom, Chen tai chi chuan is the new frame and develops on the basis of the traditional old frame, use requires action, submissive, footwork light spirit is moderate, is a natural posture.When wrestling we must pay attention to the "new" and "old frame" pattern of difference and the same place, especially some peculiar winding routines in "new frame" folding action to do, want to use the body of the rotation of the driving arm movement;Pay attention to the feet, steadfast, center of gravity transformation, these details, so as to embody the "new" style boxing shake loose living bomb.


One student said, in chenjiagou taijiquan training, feel particularly strong energy field!Body make not over of strength.I learn Chen tai chi chuan is not long, but after a few days of training, the coach I practise a step-by-step, especially after listening to a lecture Chen Zhenglei master, I feel.I benefit a lot from master easily understood, the interpretation of its excellent, many places do not understand before finally found the answer, I to learn Chen taijiquan have more confidence.The old saying goes, "as long as kung fu deep, iron stick ground into a needle!"Must have stepped up efforts to practice, after I went back to the teacher taught me something serious digestion, their builders of practice tai chi chuan, drive more people to join to learn tai chi chuan!


"Tai chi to grab from baby!"Tai chi for the child and adolescent health of body and mind has a very important role.By practicing tai chi, can cultivate children's awareness, improve concentration, relieve and release the pressure of study, cultivate their stable temperament, to promote children's self-control ability, make the child life regular, form good habits.


Chen Zhenglei guru attaches great importance to cultivate children to learn tai chi chuan, hasspecially opened the "Chen tai chi chuan young learners" this year, to practice tai chi improve children's physical fitness, cultivate traditional culture, edify sentiment, develop the quality of the challenge, bears hardships and stands hard work, diligence, never complacent, grow up to be able to shoulder the historical responsibility of inheriting the everbright Chen tai chi chuan.

The first "young learners" Wang Xiaopo by coaching, he aimed at the children lively nature, patience to cultivate the students' interest in learning tai chi chuan.After a few days of training, the children started to boxing is good, they are cute, earnest manner in contains a curious about taijiquan and desires.
Buds appear, waiting to bloom, Chen taijiquan happinesses!