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bearing the ancestors of the driving force of this division - retreat camp in ac

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Let people asunder his extraordinary force
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The light of tai chi, Shanghai retreat camp for two days of the Chen taijiquan old frame earnestly, to attend this retreat disciples harvest quite a lot.Master Chen Zhenglei gives his disciples in detail the main points of the old frame, method and skill, corrects some disciple of wrong action, and regulate the technology on some main point, solve the disciples teaching some of the questions, at ordinary times in the remaining two and a half days of time, the teacher will focus on interpretation of tai chi chuan in actual combat the application and art of the point.

Chen taiji tuishou, is two people Mr Wrapped around each other, according to the taijiquan sticky, sticky, even, with, pine, live, play, shaking, not lost, round turn freely, display, either the qiao don't force principle, take, fall off, playing, playing catch, basic techniques, such as using -- stroke, squeeze, press, mining, spliting, elbow and by eight ways and strength don't that exercises the whole body skin tactile feeling of sensitivity in vitro and in vivo, in order to achieve the people do not know me, I known, to their ancestors, take share, overcomes the purpose, is a kind of method to practice moves to combat skills.

Course in the beginning, the teacher randomly call to a disciple, through the actual combat, let everyone to see them all, and the disciples to admire, master considerations when it comes to test time discretion from three aspects:
1, the gas penetration.In the first gas to full enrichment, form a QiGan inside body, it plays a protective role.QiGan reflected in your hands first, and then sink employment, but also can through the soles of the feet, through the three process, check whether QiGan penetration.
2, the foot to take root.Let the other side Mr Push yourself, whether can be promote, through this method, test their feet ever take root.
3, flexible methods.Footwall, upper limb light spirit, posture of sensitive, through induced the other party to force change, adjust the posture, resolve to force.

Then, the teacher led the disciples, and through the --, stroke, squeeze, press, mining, spliting, elbow and by practice, the interpretation of eight ways started this retreat camp, the focus of teaching let's take a look at the course's moment!