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To mother!Our most beloved tai chi for Jenny, festival happiness!!!!!!

Time:2017-12-22Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:72次

Is one of the most beautiful sound in the world,
It is mother's voice.
A mother's love is great!
A mother's love is a kind of stare,
To gaze in the old street!

A mother's love is often the most subtle place is revealed from everyday life, it does not need to decorate what touching words.
Tai chi for Jenny - LuLiLi;She is an ordinary mother, tai chi family her wisdom and love, beautiful and virtuous!
Traditional Chinese woman good shu virtuous, she has;
Modern women are strong, intelligent, elegant, she is.
She led the Chen Zhenglei this harmonious big family of tai chi, tai chi system is heading towards a better and more broad in the future!

Her tenacity, industrious, good, warm, persistent character, silent dedication, started with, carry the burden of, outside help master Chen Zhenglei create a tai chi industry, supporting the guru Chen Zhenglei step by step from chenjiagou walked out of the county, and came to zhengzhou, to the world;And the taijiquan transmission throughout the world!

The light of the tai chi, Shanghai retreat during the camp, it was mother's day, this time to participate in the study of more than 30 students quietly preparing for Jenny had a sweet and grand family reunion, let tai chi for Jenny cried tears of moved and happy, family together in harmony, only at the moment, we can feel what is family, what is love!

For tai chi for Jenny, we need to thank you so much.So, a short essay, with the most sincere words to express our appreciation to the tai chi shi mu: "tai chi for Jenny, our most dear mother, thank you to give us everything, you are the greatest mother in the world! Tai chi as a child, we always proud of you!"