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On the evening of May 13, "the Chinese tai chi, tai chi dream cities, thousands of field public lecture hall, Shanghai" in tai chi is ray academy, Shanghai institute with the tai chi people meet as scheduled, a tai chi culture and thought the collision of officially opened!

The lecture by the office of Chen, the 19th world taijiquan, the eleventh generation descendant Chen Zhenglei guru lecture, visit the scene of the guests have henan Chen Zhenglei taiji culture co., LTD., chairman of LuLiLi, tai chi is ray Chen Yuanyuan, founder of the academy, in jiangxi province wushu association, vice President of long-range rong bao, second military medical university ZhongYiXi yong-hua su, director of Shanghai university sports institute Xu Chunyi professor, university of California ms Lisa, secretary of Shanghai sports federations jingwuyangxiong money take fly.

Next, the scene of more than one hundred people to enjoy a visual feast, by Chen Zhenglei master to disciple and Shanghai is tai chi academy members respectively performed for everyone: Chen taijiquan repertoire, single-pole, singlestick, the spring and autumn broadsword, taiji tuishou and Chen tai chi chuan, essence of ten BaShi, enthusiasm of the audience, JiaoHaoSheng repeatedly!

The excellent performances of tai chi chuan 
Enjoy the wonderful performance of tai chi chuan, the leading role of this activity, tai chi kong · Chen Zhenglei guru in thunderous applause on the stage, began to come to tai chi tai chi family share dry goods.
Chen Zhenglei guru tells the story of his decades of teaching boxing experience and feelings, through more than 50 countries and regions to visit, and expounds the development of taijiquan in the world, especially in some developed countries such as Europe and the United States researchers, through scientific analysis of data, to identify taijiquan as fully the spirit of sports, but also to promoting taijiquan as a kind of exercise intervention prescription.Chen Zhenglei guru also combined with the perspective of scientific experiment and illustrates the concept of meridian qi and blood of traditional Chinese medicine for everyone, and illustrates the taijiquan as practicing further so as to achieve the principle of dredge meridian, will open a door for live boxing friends XiJin order the door.

The end of lecture, specially arranged Chen Zhenglei guru to interact with the taijiquan lovers, solve problems when they use.

Interact with the audience

warm of a live audience

Chen Zhenglei guru lead everybody mixed yuan pile, to practice
Lottery link, the event Chen Zhenglei guru signature works, tai chi uniforms and Shanghai is ray tai chi academy season CARDS are sent.

Awards, each have belongs to

a book signing as a souvenir

a book signing as a souvenir

took a group photo
Book signing photos link after the lecture, tai chi people actively and orderly queue, Chen Zhenglei guru carefully for each fist friend signed autograph, the scene atmosphere with a heart!
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