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The light of tai chi, Shanghai retreat camp - pick up your home!

Time:2017-12-22Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:136次
Shanghai in May, after a summer rain, the weather is fine;Spreading the warmth of the sun throughout every corner of the city.The genial wind, gently blowing the willow branches, also kiss on the cheek, people see that the fragrance of the flowers and earthy fragrance, refreshing, is glorious!

Welcome to master and Jenny
Sponsored by the headquarters of Chen Zhenglei tai chi retreat camp "" light of tai chi, Shanghai tai chi is on May 13 in ray academy, Shanghai institute of formal training camp!Is ray institute is located in the famous tai chi academy, Shanghai jiangwan stadium, here with all kinds of people love sports, and carry on the massive historical culture.

mentoring, skin
Chen, the 19th world taijiquan, the eleventh generation descendants office of Chen Zhenglei, tai chi for Jenny LuLiLi from more than ten provinces and more than 30 disciple together, in tai chi is ray academy, Shanghai institute held a current retreat camp opening ceremony.

Lighting, worship
"In fact, the tree, to drink the flow with a source"!
Starting with activity, held a grand welcomes taijiquan granddaddy court bronze check-in is ray Chen tai chi academy, Shanghai institute of ceremony!
We with a sincere devout heart to hereby taijiquan ancestors, remembering the patriarch of the Germany, keep in mind that the patriarch's teachings, the taijiquan carry forward, towards the world, into the future, make greater contribution for the humanity's health!
He was the bronze statue in after the ceremony, then open the retreat camp opening ceremony, the master Chen Zhenglei to disciples tells the story of the retreat and the relevant requirements, the content of the course for Jenny LuLiLi as regards to the disciples, the disciple representative Zhang Zhaolin, Mr. Huang talk about their feelings, respectively.

Disciple, retreat camp with the master, to take photos with Jenny