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The light of "taiji" - sweating, pep, face to face consult guru, true

Time:2017-12-22Writer:陈正雷太极 Click:150次
Teacher first whiff
Work is worth ten years
Late in 2016, Chen, the 19th world taijiquan, end of the eleventh generation descendants office of Mr Chen Zhenglei cities thousand field public lecture hall, New York station after a series of activities, not to nap, facilitating the us local time on December 10, right away open 2016 Chen Zhenglei light of tai chi, a New York station training activities.
The training activities, at the invitation of the descendants of brother chang rong, Hu Peili mainly to disciple and several local taijiquan lovers, to participate in the training of students have been practicing Chen taijiquan for several years, have been familiar with routine;Chen Zhenglei guru for students, on the first day that earnestly for the old frame, and give students corrective action, again emphasized behavioral essentials and pay attention to details;The students were listening attentively, was put into practice, several hours down, full of harvest.

The next day, Chen Zhenglei guru for old frame 2 focuses on the two-way boxing is given priority to with just, excessively rapid overall, strength, jumping, must in practice on the basis of the old frame.On departure time, grand master emphasized that to find the key points of strength in a first, and then for strength in the practice, experience carefully in the whole coordinated, gas hurried shape within sense.

During the whole training, everyone is motivated, practice is sweating like a pig.Students cherish this face to face with master learning opportunities, even the recess, is also a problem constantly, the enthusiasm of learning motivation, enthusiasm is very good.Students have regrets: tai chi chuan is not only a healthy exercise, but also the sublimation of mental state, it's such a great happiness can learn boxing beside master, very grateful, I wish you always lived in New York!